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The Latest Technologies and Tips on Website Design

Nowadays there are different technologies are developed, in order to expand your online business you need to adopt such latest technologies, while developing and designing your website for your business. Individuals need to make sure that, while designing your website all such latest technologies are implemented. That’s why below there are some tips and tricks are mentioning that helps to achieve great results for your website.

1. Focus on Typography: The most important thing on which you need to pay attention is the text used in the website, this is the medium where it helps to grab the attention of your customer and converts them into buyer. So it should be designed in the best possible way, so typography plays important role here.

2. Use SEO Techniques: Best web designers are those who develop and design website using SEO techniques. SEO is nothing but the Search Engine Optimization which helps to get your website at the top of search engine so that people will find your website very quickly as a result you will get traffic to your website that helps to enhance your business.

3. Utilizing Java Script: You might be thinking, how use of Java Script helps while web designing? Yes, however it is true. Experts in the fields of web designing always focus more on java script while web designing. Every web development professional must and should have knowledge on Java Script to build better and successful website.

4. HTML 5: Nowadays HTML 5 is something like protein for website to survive in the competitive market. Today more than 60 percent of the internet user surf through mobiles, which take lot of time to load website on mobile. To overcome this limitation you can use HTML 5 to develop and design your website. Along with this, HTML 5 helps to make your website more effective, attractive, because you can add animations, fleshy designs through this. Moreover it helps to increase the online visibility of your website easily.

5. Image optimization: The images which you are using in website it should be optimized so that your website loading speed will get increase. This means that whatever images you are using its file size should be decreased without affecting its original appearance. As well as try to use alt tags for images and not to use keywords for alt tags otherwise search engine will penalize you for that.

6. Use of Grid system: Use of prebuilt, responsive or CSS based grid system will helps you to provide structure and clarity to website design. Grid framework facilitates to make design process easier. Use of grid is the quick, easy, and flexible medium to develop responsive website for web designers.

7. Concentrate on Basics: Some times while using such latest techniques people forget to look out to the basic things while designing website. So below some of those important terms are explained.

  • Create Unique Design: It is the most important fact you need to focus while designing your website is, your website should be unique, it should not be developed with duplicate images or content.
  • Color combination: Colors used in the website should be with proper combination, it should feel like professional, elegant use of colors, do not use more that 3 or 4 colors for each page.
  • CSS 3: CSS is nothing but the cascading style sheet. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS available with advanced features, which helps to make your website more interactive as well as CSS3, is the best medium to make animation.

These are some tips and tricks you need to follow while designing website to make it customized, professional, and more successful.

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Tricks Need to Consider Before Website Designing and Development

Website is the most vital thing through which customers can access the different information as well as they can purchase the products online too. Website helps to enhance your business productivity throughout global. Nowadays websites are the most essential step to expand your business. Today’s competitive world and the necessity of business make essentiality of presence of website to run your business. However website designing is the most important if you want to see your business growing.

Website designing is very large and important methodology which involves different small tasks with creation of web pages. Website designing is divided in two different terminologies like dynamic website and static websites. Static websites are quick to develop, cheap to develop and cheap to host. In case of dynamic website these are building with superior and latest technologies as well as these are very expensive to host and develop. The importance of website designing and its advantages are accepted globally. However to keep impact of your business online then, it is necessary to develop unique and effective website. Hence it is recommended to develop website from professional web developers to make it elegant and efficient. Content which you are using in website it should be more organized, high quality and unique. You always need to keep in mind that content is always king which should be relevant to your products or business so that it can attract people towards your business.

As your website is marketing source of your business you always focus that website should be developed in such a way so that people get convinced automatically. Your website should be free of broken links, navigation of website should be more smoothly so that people can find whatever they want on website not more than couple of clicks. Along with these techniques and methods there are some more things which matters a lot like fonts, images, graphics, and color combination used to design your website. As profession changes things which are used to develop website get change, so while designing website you need to observe all things very intensely.

To experience all above mentioned strategies you must be hire professional experts in web designing who must have knowledge in, how to put their talent and skills to design ultimate and suitable website for your business, so that it converts each viewers into your customers. When you hire such web designing experts to develop your business, you need to make sure about online presence of your website so that you can improve the conversation between client and you. This means only having website is not everything, it should achieve full traffic to enhance business productivity and to attract customers. To achieve this you need to develop websites SEO friendly so that it helps to rank your website on top of the search engine so that people can find your websites easily on internet. At the end it is confirm that only hiring professional web solution and services company will helps to increase traffic, business sales and creates better platform for marketing your brands.

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Evaluation of Search Engines from 1990 to 2013

Search Engine is nothing but the software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Searched results are representing as a search engine result page (SERPs).Today more than average web user used to search for number of differently phrased words or keywords related to certain topic and still come up with a excess of great information from a numerous of sources. There was once a time when one had to know the exact wording of website’s title to search what they were looking for. A search for some topic did not prompt the engines to provide the user with respected topics as well as adding URL to engine’s index took weeks to complete sometimes.

Let see the complete history of the evolution of search engines from 1990 to 2013:

Archie (1990):  Archie is the grandfather of all search engines with FTP site hosted index of downloadable directory listings.

Veronica and Jughead (1991): Searched file names and titles stored in gopher index systems

VLib (1992): Time Berners-Lee set up a Virtual Library. CERN web server hosted a list of web servers in the early age of internet.

Excite (Feb 1993): Created by six Stanford undergrads.

World Wide Web Wanderer (June 1993): Bot counts active web servers and “measures the growth” of the internet. Bot was soon upgraded to capture actual URLs.

ALIWEB (Oct 1993): Crawled Meta info and allowed the user to submit pages they wanted indexed.

Primitive web search (Dec 1993): Info about page’s title and header using simple linear search as well as indexed titles and URL’s.

Infoseek (Jan 1994): Webmasters could submit a page in real-time and in Dec 95 Netscap began using them as their default search.

Altavista (Jan 1994): Unlimited bandwidth, add or delete your own URL, search tips and new features and many more features.

WebCrawler (Apr 1994): Indexed entire pages, popular to be used during daytime.

Yahoo Directory (Apr 1994): Created by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Began as a collection of favorable web pages, increasing size influenced them to become a searchable directory, manual description with each URL, and many more features invented with Yahoo search engine.

Lycos (July 1994): Ranked relevance retrieval, prefix matching and word proximity.

LookSmart (1995): Bought non –commercial directory, Transitioned into a pay per click provider destroying reliability.

Google (Jan 1996): Larry and Sergey began working on backrub, a search engine which is utilized back links for search. It ranked pages using citation notation, meaning any mention of websites on another site count it as a vote towards the mentioned site. In 1998 Google launches, no one wanted to purchase the page rank technology at that time. In 1999 Google got funding from Sequoia Capital as well as from other investors and AOL selects Google as a search partner. In 2000 yahoo selects Google as a search partner, Google launches Google Toolbar and AdWords to sell ads on CPM basis…and many more features invented by Google.

Inktomi: Hotbot (May1996): Inktomi exposed for accidentally allowing public to access database of spam sites.

Ask.com (Apr 1997): Launch of a natural language search engine, human editors tried to match search queries.

MSN (1998): Dropped Yahoo! Organic results for own in house technology in Jan 2005. Netscap bought it in, not a long wait time like Yahoo.

Snap (Oct 2005): shows search volume, revenues, and advertisers and proved to be complicated, not enough for the average web surfer.

LiveSearch (2006): Microsoft announces launch of Live Search Product.

Cuil (2008): Managed and developed by former Google employees.

Bing (2009): Rebranding of MSN/Livesearch, Inline search suggestion for related searches directly in result set.

Yandex (2010): It is largest resource and search engine in Russian Internet market; it is one of the non-English-language search engines.

These are some examples of search engine invented from 1990 to 2013. But no doubt, Google remains the most utilizing, popular search engine all time in the world.

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